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Not too long, not too short, but this answer has everything you need.

First of all, and the most important of all, do NOT tell anyone you’re on a diet. Psychology says most of the people fail because they tell it to others. You may be exceptional, but why take a chance!?! Let your body speak, instead. If you’re in a party and your friends are watching you, tell them you have a burning sensation in your stomach and hence prefer to eat only fruits.

Here are a few questions that I would answer later:

What you need to understand?

What diet actually is?

What diet plan you can follow?

What exercise you can do?

What you need to understand?

Losing weight is more of diet and little of exercise. You can give 80% to diet and 20% to exercise. Diet plays an important role in losing weight and it is no big deal; trust me with your eyes shut.

What is diet actually?

By diet, I do not mean eating less. Diet encourages you to eat as much as you do but in a proper manner, including proper food.

Diet food you can take:

> Oats

> Fruits

> Chapathi/Roti

> Vegetables like carrot, cucumber, beet root etc. (you can make salads)

> Poha or Rice flakes

…and more, which you can find online.

Reduce the content of oil and fat foods. Burgers and pizzas and street food can wait. Avoid rice items as much as possible. Take the items mentioned above for a month and you will find a substantial difference.

What diet plan you can follow?

Start your day with black coffee – Coffee powder+Cinnamon powder*+hot water, altogether stirred well. (Got this tip from the Fit Tuber channel)

*Cinnamon powder- optional, but highly recommended, as it is a great fat burner

After, at the least, half an hour:

> Salads or Oats for breakfast, in turns each day

> Chapathi, with a little rice if you cannot avoid it at all, for lunch

> Fruits for snacks at 4 PM

> Oats again at around 6:30 PM

> Chapathi/Poha in the night for dinner (Avoid rice completely at nights)

If you sleep at 11 P.M, for example, make sure you end your dinner by 8:30 P.M.

You can take good amount of fruits at any time of the day. They do not harm you. Bonus, they’re sweet, that too naturally.

It is recommended to eat 6 times a day(as and when you feel hungry) in little amounts, rather than thrice in large chunks.

Now, you can customize this diet plan. For example, coupling breakfast item with fruits; just remember avoiding fat foods.

As i told you,

I understand straight one month is too far to reach. So you can go for two cheat days every 10 days. On those two cheat days, you can eat fat food but not too much again.

Do this on your cheat days:

>Have your diet lunch(poha or chapathi, for example)

> Drink a lot water after an hour. Lot of water, remember

> After another half an hour, go and eat that food you crave for

Doing this would reduce the quantity of junk food you take in, while at the same time satisfying your craving for that food. Again by FitTuber

Now coming to the 20%…the exercise:

What exercise you can do?

To a few, this term is a nightmare, but you can make it fun.

> There are dance workout videos you can try. Time would fly before you can realize.

> I would also recommend Badminton sport, because it is one game which engages almost every muscle of your body

Once you start losing wight and see a good difference, like 5 kgs, you can start with basic exercises and go on to practicing heavy workouts. Take it slow and easy in the beginning, no problem. Relax your body but not your mind.

When to do these fun activities?

I would recommend just when you wake up in the morning or just before sleep.

If you’re planning to play in the morning, go out on an empty stomach. You may brush your teeth and go but even that is not necessary(Seriously. Ask FitTuber). Once you’re done with the game, come back and drink black coffee and do not eat or drink anything else for the next 40 minutes. Not even water, as FitTuber says.

If you are planning in the night, do not eat or drink anything except water after the game.

If you do this for a month, I am sorry, you cannot escape losing weight.

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